Knight Client


The present activities of the company involve processes that go into producing quality yarn. The best quality raw cotton is processed in state-of-the-art machineries using the latest technical know-how, to produce the finest quality yarn.

Assembly Winding

Parrallel winding of 2 single yarns for feeding to TFO.


Convertion of single yarn into Double yarn with required twist.


All protuding fibres will be burnt when yarn passes through the flame.


Convertion of cone into Hank so as feed to Mercerising M/c.


Treatment with Causic soda to make the yarn more luster and strong.

Cabinet Washing

Washing of the mercerised yarn to make free from chemical contamination.

Hydro Extractor

Remove the water from the hank by squeezing.


Making the yarn dry with help of steam.

Doff Checking

Making the yarn Bleach white with the help of Peroxise chemical.


Converting hank into cone for the Buyer who need in cone yarn.